1. mrssimonneil:

    Simon Neil worries me, but I love him :-)

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    Biffy Clyro / Sentrum Scene

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  4. my dear,

    who of you was yesterday at Depeche Mode concert in Prague? And who can help me to find some official photos of it? I don’t speak czech and no idea where to start looking…

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  6. thebiffyboffin:

    Simon’s handwriting on the wall of Kevin Younger’s tattoo studio.


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    1. You can’t have too many tattoos

    My tattoos are an ongoing process. It’s like a diary of my life. They’re how I remember the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. People always say, “How are you going to feel about them when you’re 70?” But I’m not going to want to look at…

  8. thebiffyboffin:

    Simon’s newest back tattoo!

  10. pluginkathi:

    Simon’s back looks so empty…

    oh… so there was free space… there was…